How changes in the identity of Ohio — and Middle America in general — have ended remarkable trends of support for winning presidential candidates

Every four years, political tensions in the United States seem to reach their zenith. Tens of millions of Americans head to the polls to vote in the country’s most divisive — and decisive — election cycle. Pundits, commentators, analysts, and ordinary citizens alike look for trends and indicators to discover…

How the site of one of the Pacific War’s most famous and important battles has changed since Japan’s surrender

At 9:00 AM on February 19, 1945, one of the most infamous battles of the Second World War commenced. In an invasion termed Operation Detachment, Marines landed on beaches of volcanic rocks and ash, greeted by the fire of Japanese artillery. Over the next few days, American soldiers advanced toward…

The Frisco water tower at dusk in 2003. Although this iconic landmark continues to overlook downtown, Frisco looks far different here from the bustling, modern suburb it is today (Credit: The Dallas Morning News)

A Texas county has enjoyed remarkable growth and success in recent years. Now its political identity threatens to change everything.

Driving north on Preston Road, an asphalt artery connecting downtown Dallas to its northern suburbs as far as 50 miles away, yields just about every sight one might expect from a lower-density American metropolis. Neighborhoods lined with sprawling homes, retail areas complete with restaurants and stores, and consistently horrendous traffic…

The Beehive (left) and Parliament House (right), two of the major sites comprising the New Zealand Parliament Buildings (Credit: Getty)

New Zealand once had the developed world’s most comprehensive welfare state. But one ambitious statesman decided his country needed reform.

To many lefties around the globe, Jacinda Ardern and her Labour Party are progressive heroes, champions of a robust welfare state that has set a standard for the developed world to follow. Labour’s incredible triumph in the 2020 general election, its best since 1946, sealed Ardern’s reputation as a model…

Two prominent intellectuals enabled the resurgence of American conservatism in the 20th century. But how relevant are their ideas today?

Much has been made of the remarkable shift in the American conservative movement in recent years. To the chagrin of many right-wing intellectuals and public figures, the tremendous optimism, commitment to traditional values, praise for smaller government, and support for free markets that have dominated the agendas of so many…

Sam Mills

Student of international relations, history buff, political junkie, and armchair axiologist

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